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Cool Piggy Banks and Money Savers for Smart Kids in 2019

What is a good habit you teach to your children?


The habits that will help in becoming a good grown up person physically, mentally and economically.

Each parents focus on physical and mental developments more than giving them a space to think for their own expenses.


This blog will help you to build a different habit in kids for the betterment of their future.


Our guests, family members, relatives and friends give money to kids and they spend it in buying chocolates, biscuits, etc. It is not wastage of money but they learn how to spend money nor than how to save money.


Saving and Managing Money: Yes, it is a good habit that you can teach to your children because it’s not too early to teach them about money savings.


Parents give their child everything and fulfill their all needs, let’s take an example of buying stationery for kids.


Mr & Mrs. Roy are parents of Jack, Jack is just 4+ years old. They will buy everything required for the reading and writing material like pen, pencils, white boards, chalks, dusters, sharpeners, and erasers, etc.


In the middle of the year Jack has lost the pencil, if he had some bucks in his piggy bank or money saver then he can buy a pencil himself or may ask parents to get one from his savings.


You can tell them importance of money in present and future. Also, there are many more actions intimated by kids similar to their parents.


Kids also observe parents like; how they save money and store money in purse and Almirah. This can be helpful to teach the kids to save money in a simple way.


You have lockers, purses and safe provisions for saving money, but what about kids? For saving money your kids need a good money saver or piggy bank which is secured as well with locks or passwords.


The piggy bank is pig-shaped coin bank in which kids save their money like coins and notes, etc. but now piggy banks are available in different shapes, colors and themes.


The 20th century kids used to save their money in pig-like money bank made up of clay. Though it was safe but when it gets full of money there was no way to bring money out of it, for this they used to smash it and collect the money.


It is wastage of money because it is of no use in future and you need to buy a new one!


With time the idea of piggy banks get revolutionized; A piggy bank with passwords and lock made up of non toxic plastic material came for the little money savers.


This is easy to use and safer than ever. Now money saving is a fun for kids with these money banks.


Nowadays, it has become a popular gift for children. We have adorable collection of piggy banks for kids, let’s see the full range of money savers/piggy banks for your little money mangers:


1. Angel Money Bank / Money Saver



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A beautiful and unique gift set which encourages kids to learn money saving habits. This money bank in the design of an angel is perfect for your little angels. It is safe with Key & Lock system. It is made up of non-toxic hard rubber material.


A hole is provided to put the money inside to save and you can simply get the money out by unlocking it using the keys.


2. Money Bank in the shape of Cute Elephant



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This cute elephant money saver for kids is made up of hard rubber which is 100% safe and non-toxic. Again this is very safe with key and lock system. Children like toys in the shape of animals, so this money bank can be used as play toys for kids.


3. ATM Electronic Safe Piggy Bank Toy with Password (Suitcase Model)

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The Doraemon, Hello Kitty and Minions money savers are designed in the form suitcase.


They look like real ATM machines with security passwords. Each of them includes coin slot and electronic paper money slot like ATM for easy depositing.


The default security code is 0000 which can be changed according to you and your kids. It is made up of plastic, and available in different colours & prints.


4. Money Bank in the shape of Cute Animal (Donkey)




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This money saver for kids in the shape of a cute donkey is lovely and popular among kids for it’s cuteness. This is also safe with key & lock. This donkey is very smart and will not let anyone steal your money.


The hard rubber material is used to manufacture it which is non-toxic and safe for kids.


Now, its your turn to let them grow by playing and saving money with these piggy banks and money savers.

Thanks for reading wishes from “TANMAN Toys and Team”




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