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Best Magic Show Game and Tricks - All Related to Kids Fun

Magic is a game of mind,



Magic Trick is unbelievable the first magic trick the ‘cup and balls’ trick,

The first Magic trick is the ‘Indian rope trick’. This trick has been reported to be performed in India for hundreds of years.

The trick is performed outside.

 The magician throws a rope up into the air. The rope surprising stays standing up, reaching up into the air.

The Magician’s boy assistant then climbs up the rope and apparently disappears into thin air at the top.

The magician then climbs up the rope and also disappears. The audience hear them argue, then the limbs of the boy all fall down to the ground.

 The magician comes back down, places the boy’s limbs into a basket, and the live boy climbs back out.

A lot of ancient magic came out of tricks used to cheat people at gambling.


Playing cards have long been used in magic tricks.


The classical Magic Show game set contain basic things from this things kids can create beautiful magic show at home.


This magic game is designed to play magic show at home for fun and adventure with friends.


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