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Kids Boxing Kit with Punching Bag and Hand Gloves - Kids Sports Accessories

Boxing is a game in which two players performed wear hand gloves to secure their hand and face while fighting.




There are rules in boxing game, in professional boxing; bouts take place over 12 three minute rounds with one minute rest between rounds.

The only method of attack is punching with a clenched fist and you may not strike below the belt, in the kidneys or the back of your opponents head or neck.

You cannot use the ropes for leverage.

You cannot hit an opponent when they are down.

A boxer hit with a low blow can take five minutes to recover.

If an unintentional foul (such as a clash of heads) ends the fight before four rounds are completed this is a “no contest”, from the fifth onwards the decision goes to the judge’s cards and is either a technical decision for either fighter or a technical draw.


This boxing bag and gloves are durable and made with plastic material

Boxing bag quality is good and durable.


Totally safe toys for kids, kids can play with this toy outside or inside at Home with these boxing kits.


These toys available in different colors and sizes, kids learn boxing with this toy as well as spend time with their friends while playing with boxing kit.  Is a full-body exercise, which needs particularly the coordination of body's each part.








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