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Puzzle Balls - A Toy To Develop Fine Motor Skills in Childrens

Toddler’s age is a very active age to learn something like emotions, speaking and learning also they love playing with any random stuff they try to understand what is this



In Toddler’s age memory is very sharp to recognized peoples and other kinds of stuff like colors, shapes and any random things



They recognized colors that’s why when you bought his/her favorite color dress, toy and books they want to grab this from your hand,



Puzzle ball is specially designed for toddlers to increase their reorganization power, fine motor skills, thinking and judgment skills and puzzle solving skills

It has rainbow colors which help toddlers to know colors very well it is available in different variants also it develop grasping power,

Toddlers love colors this puzzle ball has very bright and attractive colors like red, green, yellow, purple and pink etc which is very eye catchy hard to forget,


This puzzle ball has no sharp edges so toddlers easily hold this in hands so don’t need to worry about it and this is made with non-toxic plastic so it does not harm baby when they chock it,


This puzzle ball has 12 pcs of shapes and a round ball easy to play for toddlers.




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