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Best Toy Cars for Kids - Hot Wheels Colour Shifter Cars Toys for Kids


Elliot Handler is a founder of hot wheels and hot wheels completed their 50th-anniversary hot wheel made toy cars for kids, every year there are 51,84,00,000 hot wheels toys are made, there are award-winning toys and from all of these hot wheels colour shifters are more in trend.


Colour changing toys in water are made by special material so when it comes in contact of air plus water it changes its colour this material is called as Thermochromism, this happens on some point of extreme hot or cold water.


It is harmless but also it is not choking hazards so only recommended these types of toys for above 3+ years children’s read all the guides behind the pack of hot wheels toys box.


Hot wheels colour shifters car available in a single piece and with track set also, colour may vary. Hot wheels toys are collecting treasures there are 4,000,000,000 four billion hot wheels models are present from 1968 to present.


It is the best toy for boys and also popular toys in the marketplace buy toys like hot wheels from Tanman toys website,


Hot wheels colour shifter car now you can transform the colour of your hot wheels cars with this assortment of colour shifters vehicles.


It is simply warm water changes the colour of your car and iced water changes it back.


Play with cool colour shifter cars with track set there are different type’s tracks available in hot wheels range you can purchase easily on tanmantoys.com


They made with good quality non-toxic metal, durable no sharp edges available in lots more colours ideal gifting children’s it is best toy gifts ever


Hot wheels is a kids toy brands parents can order toys easily who live in India Tanman toys shop in Nagpur or Tanman website have a great range of branded toys or cheap price toys users can check online

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