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Cluedo Board Games (A Classic Detective Game) for Children and Adults




Cluedo is a murder mystery and detective game for three to six players. It is also known by clue game in north-America.


The game was manufactured in the UK in 1949. The game's object is to find out who is the murderer of (Dr.Black) in UK version and (Mr.Boddy) in North American versions,


Which weapon is used, where the crime took place a player has to find and solve these questions anonymously?


The Cluedo is a fun game and brilliant game but it cannot play with two players because of at the beginning of the game we have to open an envelope in which three cards are placed each card for each player so we need three players minimum.


The game consists of a board which shows the rooms, corridors and secret passages of an English country house called Tudor Mansion in 1926.


Each player has to play their role randomly in these mysterious game and play strategically to collect clues about the murder from the other players,


The Boardgame represented as a room and there are six characters in game called


  1. professor plum ( a middle age man with glasses and bow tie),
  2. Mrs. Peacock ( attractive female character a wife of US senator, 
  3. Mrs. White ( a young maid)
  4. Colonel Mustard ( a stubborn man with mutton chops beard)
  5.  Miss scarlett ( a attractive blonde girl)
  6. Mr. Boddy/ Dr. Black ( owner of tudor mension mension as death person in game)




The Cluedo Board Game have A game Board as a Rooms, a murder envelope, 13 black Cluedo cards, six red bonus cards, Game guide, six character tokens, two dice, two weapon tokens, and detective notepad.


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