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From my childhood the most visited places by me are toy shops in Nagpur. You will be agree with me that childhood is the best part of life.

A family gets completed when a new born baby enters in the family; you can see happiness around you and the whole family start enjoying with them. Every moment with kids gives a new experience to each family member, specially mom dad and grand parents.


In ancient days people used to have handmade toys for spending quality time with kids for their growth and development.


To bring happiness to the family and kids we have started with an Online Toy Shop in Nagpur named as Tanman Toys (registered as Toy Mart) Tanman Toys is owned by Mr. Pavan Sawlani. He is offering toys and games to wholesale toys market in Nagpur from 2012.


The behavior of kids playing toys is predictable depending on their ages.


The worldwide study says that different types of toys helps in different child development skills.


Kids from 0 to 12 months old: They try to observe things happening around them and then start enjoying it. They observe colors, voices and textures. So the best toys for them would be rattles, soft and plush toys like teddy bear, dolls and many more animal and cartoon toys. You can buy these toys from Itwari wholesale market.


Kids from 1-2 years old: They enjoy the actionable toys which moves or does something after triggering their keys like drummer toys, stacking rings and nesting cups, rubber duck bath toys, push pull toys and musical instruments. Push pull toys help in learning how to walk, also these types of toys make them engaged and grow day by day.


Kids from 2-5 years old: They are more curious about learning, asking and acting depending upon the situation. According to the study, following are some toys which are loved by kids in this age group:


1 Pretend play set like doctor play set, toy kitchen set, doll set, doll houses and doll accessories

2. Ride on toys and toy vehicles with musical horn

3. Puzzles

4. Building and construction toys


Kids from 6-7 years old: This age group of kids are interactive with teachers, parents and other family members so you can gift them educational and learning toys like kids laptop, write and wipe boards, remote controlled toys, hobby and science project making kits, art and craft kits to create their own imaginations into live models.


We all have lived our childhood with toys and games, now its time to give it back to our kids for their growth and happiness.


In India, Tanman Toys is the best online toy shop which deals in both retail toys and wholesale toys prices with handsome discounts.


Our wide range of toys and games are offered directly to the retail customers and in wholesale prices with handsome discounts and fast shipping process.

We bring the best toys and games offer on this Gudi Padwa, bring happiness with a new prosperous Marathi Hindu New Year.



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