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Best Push Pull Toys for Toddlers in India

There are hundreds of toys for kids. We know childhood is the period of learning, playing, and converting imaginations into reality. Toddlers from 1 year to 3 years old are very curious, and in developing stage of their muscles and brain.


Babies don't need to teach about walking, laughing and crying they do it themselves.


The grown-up persons have some roles and responsibilities and work to do. However, the babies work is to play and grow with advanced skills to develop physically and mentally.

Some popular toys are not only for fun activities but learning new things. Babies before 2 and 3 years are ambidextrous, they are able to use their right and left hand equally because they don’t differentiate.


Pushing and pulling toys helps in developing baby’s fine and gross motor skills. They use hands for grasping the cord as they pull it or grip a toy handle for pushing.


Playing with these toys is similar to exercise which results in strengthening their muscles and help them to grow.


Let’s have a look at the Top Push Pull Toys for Toddlers in 2019:


1. Fisher Price Pull Along Turtle Toy


Fisher Price Pull Along Turtle Kids Toys



















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This pull along turtle toy by Fisher Price is for babies from 1 to 3 years old.


Children have been told the story of rabbit and tortoise where tortoise wins though its speed is slower than the rabbit. Likewise, children learn to pull and walk along slowly with the turtle.


This toy has the extra feature of learning numbers, shapes and colors. The top domed part of the turtle is movable and has numbers from 1,2..,4 written in shapes of triangle, circle, rectangle, and a star.


Babies can play it in two ways: 1. Sit and Play 2. Pull and Walk Along


These type of toys are ideal for developing gross motor and fine motor skills in toddlers.


2. Frog Pull Along Musical Xylophone Toy


Musical Pull Along Frog Toys - Xylophones


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Frogs are bold, colorful and loud naturally. This frog Xylophone toy has to pull along and music features that attract kids to play and enjoy with it. The green color of frog relates it to natural beauty.


The toy has moving wheels that can be easily pull-along by kids for fun.


The musical tunes can be played by kids with the two drumsticks. A perfect toy for 1 to 3 years old kids.


3. Funskool Giggles Twirly Whirly Pull Along Buggy and Turtle Toys

Funskool Giggles Pull Along Turtle Toy

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The cute looking pull along twirly whirly turtles by Funskool are lightweight and easy to pull by kids of 1-3-year-old. The green laughing turtle with a yellow top shield is very durable and sturdy for a long time.


The pull along and push toys are top trending toys in 2019 and are very beneficial, it helps in improved balancing and walking, while the different sounds and lights of toys make them interactive with the toys.


These toys also help in improving hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and cognitive skills in children.

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